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Meet the key ridge group people

Our team

The partners in Ridge have extensive experience in management, finance, operations, sales and marketing and have started up companies which have grown to over $800 million in size.

Working on both sides of the Atlantic, the Ridge Group’s partners invest in energy projects, trading, business development and logistics.

In addition, they are committed to supporting communities through their charitable work in the fields of education, religion, assistance animals and expansion of philanthropy.

Marjorie Neasham Glasgow BEM

Marjorie has been involved in starting, building and operating energy businesses since 1983.  Over her 36 year career she has worked with teams developing renewable energy projects, setting company direction given market and regulatory signals, and advising corporate customers on energy markets.  Marjorie has been based in Oxfordshire, England, for the past 15 years and was previously based in Houston and northern California.  She is a dual citizen of the United Kingdom and the United States. 

Between 2013 and 2018 Marjorie served as Chairman of The Thomas Gifford Trust during which time the Trust raised funds, developed and constructed a new £2.5m community hub with a library, sports hall, studio and café.  The centre opened in 2017.  Marjorie also helps manage other community services and has been awarded the British Empire Medal in recognition of her work.  The British Empire Medal is awarded for meritorious civil or military service worthy of recognition by the Crown.

Marjorie is a graduate of Stanford University.  She is very involved with international equestrian sport.

Dine Glasgow

Dine has over 30 years’ experience building and developing energy businesses initially in the US, and in the UK since 2003.  He co-founded his first business, National Gas & Electric, in 1988, helping to grow the Houston-based energy marketing company from a start-up to an enterprise with over 100 employees and annual sales of nearly $800 million at the time of its sale in 1997.

He then co-founded The Ridge Group LP, an energy investment company in Houston, Texas, in 1999.  Amongst the several companies developed by The Ridge Group was RidgeWind Ltd, a UK-based onshore windfarm developer started in 2003. Dine moved to England in 2004 to help run RidgeWind which became one of the UK’s largest independent renewables developers with over 100MW of operational wind assets, more than 60MW under construction, and in excess of 100MW in pre-construction when the firm was acquired in 2013.

Since 2013, Dine has invested his time and capital in businesses and charitable endeavours in the UK and the US.  He is a graduate of Harvard College and the Advanced Management Program at Templeton College, Oxford University.

Bob Casey

Together with Dine and Marjorie Glasgow, Bob is a co-founder of the Ridge Group.  While at Ridge, Bob served as Board Chair at EnerSea Transport and Vice President at Ridge Energy Storage & Grid Services.  Before joining Ridge, Bob founded and served as President of The Firebird Group, a Moscow-based transport and logistics company.  Over six years, Firebird grew to eleven offices in seven countries with over $15 million in revenue.

Tom Rathjen

Tom has worked with start-up companies and emerging growth companies since 1987. Tom joined The Ridge Group in 2001, serving as Financial Director of its portfolio companies, including RidgeEnergy Ltd, RidgeWind Ltd, EnerSea Transport LLC, and Ridge Energy Storage & Grid Services LP. Previously, he was Vice President of Business Development for Cornell Companies Inc, a US public company. Prior to that, Tom was CFO of The Firebird Group, a Moscow based transport and logistics company.

Tom has volunteered with many charities, particularly ones that work to alleviate poverty, including Second Mile Mission Center and Houston Housing.

Tom is a Certified Public Accountant and a Chartered Global Management Accountant. He is a graduate of Texas Tech University.

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