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Our Projects

In partnership for over 30 years, the principals of The Ridge Group have repeatedly managed and backed early-stage businesses, enabling them to grow into significant commercial enterprises.  With a focus on energy, trading, project development, and logistics, The Ridge Group has consistently identified winning investment opportunities.

National Gas & Electric (NG&E) – Formed in 1988 as an independent natural gas and electric supply company, to serve major US industrial and commercial customers.  Built NG&E from a start-up to an enterprise with nearly $800 million in annual sales, 5 offices, and 120 staff members.  NG&E was purchased by PanCanadian Oil Company in 1997.

Ridge Energy Storage and Grid Services (RES) – Formed in 1999 to bring the value of Compressed Air Energy Storage (CAES) to the commercial electricity marketplace.  CAES provides cost-efficient, large scale power storage by compressing and storing ambient air under pressure in an underground cavern. When electricity is required, the pressurized air is heated and expanded in an expansion turbine driving a generator for power production.

EnerSea Transport – Formed in 2001, EnerSea offers a patented marine transport solution for clients with stranded gas resources or remote energy markets.  The industry leading VOTRANS™ CNG system enables monetization of these gas resources and stable fuel supply for power projects, where LNG or pipelines are not viable options due to economic, geopolitical or environmental issues.

RidgeWind – Formed in 2003, RidgeWind was an independent developer of on-shore greenfield wind energy projects.  At the time of its sale in 2013, RidgeWind was the sixth largest independent wind farm developer in the UK with over 100MW in operation and 200MW either under construction or in pre-construction.

RidgeEnergy – Formed in 2013 to develop new UK/European energy projects.  Interests have ranged from UK and Irish solar projects, to behind the meter gas-fired generation, to battery storage projects.

Ridge Clean Energy is a UK-based clean energy company.  The team at RCE has developed, constructed and operated clean energy projects in Great Britain beginning in 2003.  Working in partnership with land owners and local communities, RCE’S team identifies, funds and develops new projects to supply clean energy to homes, businesses and other power consumers.



Since we first started operating over 30 years ago, we have worked in close partnership with Michael Tang, CEO and principal owner of National Material LP (NMLP) – one of the largest privately-held companies in the US with annual revenues in excess of $1 billion. NMLP owns more than 30 operating facilities in the US, Mexico and China, providing metals and components to customers including Tesla, Ford, Honda, Boeing, Lockheed Martin, Rolls Royce, Apple, and GE.

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