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The Ridge Group is a UK & US-based management and investment company that supports early and later stage businesses, providing capital and experience to help them develop and grow. We have strong core values and believe in sharing our success through our charitable interests, investing in not-for-profit organisations and empowering them to thrive.

We are passionate about projects where we can make a real difference – whether it’s through our investment in businesses or in charities which make a positive impact on people’s lives.

Business Interests

The Ridge Group has over 30 years experience of creating successful ventures within the energy sector.

By providing capital and management experience, we take businesses from start-up to multi-million dollar and pound turnovers.

Our goal is to create long-term value. We work alongside existing management and put in place the operational structure and investment to support the sustainable growth of the company.

Our Projects

Charitable Interests

All of the partners actively support multiple charitable endeavours.

Two of the founding partners, Marjorie and Dine Glasgow, established their philanthropic enterprise in 1996.  By providing targeted funding and their proven management expertise, the Glasgow Foundation helps charitable organisations develop and thrive in an increasingly challenging financial environment.

Our aim is to make an even greater contribution towards social investment, in response to the growing needs of the areas in which we work.

Charitable Recipients

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